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Our Research Focus

We are a sub-group of our larger Business Process Management research group. Our focus is on investigating the multiple ways in which data quality issues affect (infect) process-related data. 

We investigate how to identify and detect process-date quality issues. We are also interested in investigating ways in which identified data quality issues can be repaired in such a way as to minimise information loss while not compromising the aims of process analysis.

At a more conceptual level, we have devised a framework (Odigos) to (i) classify types of data quality issues that affect process-related data, and (ii) to identify the immediate causes and underlying root causes of the data quality issues. Lastly, we are developing an open-source software framework (Praeclarus) which will allow researchers around the world to contribute algorithms to address the various data quality issues we have identified. 

The Team

Let's meet our team of dedicated researchers.


Arthur ter Hofstede

Professor, Principal Research Fellow

School of Information Systems

Queensland University of Technology

Arthur ter Hofstede is a professor and Principal Research Fellow in the Faculty of Science, School of Information Systems. His research areas include conceptual, formal, and technological foundations of Business Process Automation (e.g. BPM in the cloud) as well as Process Mining, specifically data quality, comparative performance analysis,  process risk analysis, and visualisation.


Moe Wynn

Professor, Business Process Management Group Leader

School of Information Systems

Queensland University of Technology

Over the last 12 years my emphasis in the field of BPM has shifted from process automation to process mining focusing on emerging areas such as data quality, resource analysis, and comparative analysis. I am a pioneer in delivering impactful outcomes using research-informed process-oriented data mining (process mining) techniques for Australian industry stakeholders and  have already supported Australian stakeholders, in a range of sectors including healthcare, insurance, utility, retail, government and education. 


Robert Andrews

Senior Research Fellow

School of Information Systems

Queensland University of Technology

Robert Andrews is a

as a senior research fellow and has worked  on applying process mining techniques in the healthcare and insurance sectors.

He is currently working on projects involving pre-hospital transport and retrieval, patient journeys and outcomes following major trauma resulting from road traffic crashes, and process-data quality. His research interests include data quality, process mining, data mining, and machine learning.


Michael Adams

Senior Lecturer

School of Information Systems

Queensland University of Technology

Michael's research interests include applications of blockchain in process automation, YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language) and, more recently, process data quality. He is the lead developer in the open-source Praeclarus Process Data Quality framework. 


Sareh Sadeghianasl

Research Fellow

School of Information Systems

Queensland University of Technology

Sareh is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the School of Information Systems. Her research topic addresses quality issues in activity labels in event logs. She has developed various techniques for identifying polluted, distorted, synonymous, and homonymous labels. Her latest work involves using gamification to improve label quality.

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